Air Squat Progression Pt.1

Squatting is one of most vital movements for increasing lower body strength and developing core strength and stability.  It's important for all athletes of all levels and experience to learn how to squat properly, and the best way to do this is to develop good mechanics while under no load.  This progression series will demonstrate proper positions and transitions for an air squat.

In this first video, Carl demonstrates how to use the concept of blocking movement to achieve a good knee position in keeping the knees out and preventing them from tracking forward over the toes during the transition.  Carl then explains how to build range of motion in order to bring the hips down for more depth in the squat, by using an additional point of contact with hands on the ground for stability.

Back Lever

  • Find a hollow body position while in the inverted hang
  • Without breaking hollow allow your hips and toes to lead the descent into a horizontal hold
  • Focus on pushing hands toward your hips and keeping your shoulders back and down
  • Initiate the ascent maintaining hollow and thinking of driving heels over your head and back to the inverted hang

Note: Check scaled versions. Tuck and One Leg Levers.

Backward Roll

  • Start in a support position
  • Lean back as you lift your toes up in front of you
  • Start bending the arm and addressing the false grip on the rings
  • Maintain body in a hollow body position with rings as close as possible to your chest
  • Allow your head to travel under your hips
  • When toes pass vertical kick back and up in a 45 degree angle
  • Extend the body and do a defecit push up on the rings that should send you back up to support

Candle Stick to Lever

... (details coming soon)

Dumbbell Planche Through

... (details coming soon)

Dumbbell Planche Through to V Out

... (details coming soon)

Dumbbell Straight Arm Press Out

... (details coming soon)

Dumbbells Overhead Press

  • Stand with feet under hips
  • Belly and butt tight and looking strainght ahead
  • Press dumbells over head and lock elbows out with shoulders active pushing up into your ears
  • Arms behind ear ideally
  • Turn thumbs out
  • Lower dumbells, and repeat

Forward Roll

  • Start in a support position
  • Press hips up as you start initiating a dip
  • As you reach the bottom of the dip your hips should be higher the your shoulders
  • With arms bent focus on addressing the false grip and keeping the rings close to your chest
  • Allow the head to roll under the rings and hips
  • As hips start coming down fight to maintain feet high and perform a strict muscle up back into the support position

Freestyle Adventures with The Modern Gypsies Pt.4

As Eric and John of The Modern Gypsies prepare for their next Compassionate Adventure, they spend a morning with Coach Carl to learn how to apply techniques gained in the training room to the outdoors.

In this video, Carl works with John and Eric to build up rotational strength and range of motion with some knees to elbows - with a twist.