Back Extension Roll Progression Pt.1

In this video, Carl takes you to the next step beyond Backward Roll and demonstrates the progression for the Back Extension Roll, using the Back Extension Roll to Push Up position.

Backward Roll

  • From a standing position, keep your arms up and sit back into a squat and roll onto your back
  • As soon as your butt and back touches the ground, bend your arms and reach behind your ears
  • Your hands should catch ground as you continue to roll back on your shoulders, protecting and taking any pressure off your neck and head
  • To complete the roll, allow the momentum to bring your legs and hips over your head
  • Only when the hips roll past vertical over your body do you press with your arms to finish the rotation to land on your feet again

Backward Roll

  • Start in a support position
  • Lean back as you lift your toes up in front of you
  • Start bending the arm and addressing the false grip on the rings
  • Maintain body in a hollow body position with rings as close as possible to your chest
  • Allow your head to travel under your hips
  • When toes pass vertical kick back and up in a 45 degree angle
  • Extend the body and do a defecit push up on the rings that should send you back up to support

Backward Roll Progression Pt.1

Learn how to do the Backward Roll with this progression video, using what we've learned from the Candlestick Roll with Hands Down.

Backward Roll Progression Pt.2

Watch this Backward Roll progression to see how to use a wedge/cheese mat for assistance, and another cameo of part of the Handstand Push Up!

Backward Roll Progression Pt.3

Watch this Backward Roll progression to see how to stay tucked and under control through the movement.

Bent Arm Back Extension Roll

  • Begin the movement same as a Roll to Candlestick, starting with arms up and sitting down to roll on to your butt and back
  • As you place your hands down behind your ears to roll onto your shoulders into the Candlestick position, extend the hips and drive the feet up into the ceiling in one explosive motion
  • As the hip drive inverts your body and gives it some lift, push with your hands behind your head against the ground into a Handstand

Bent Arm Back Extension Roll to Push Up Position

... (details coming soon)

Forward Roll

  • Stand tall with arms glued to your ears
  • Squat down and reach in in front of you as far as you can
  • Once hands touch the ground jump and send your hips over your head
  • Allow yourself to roll in a tuck position until feet touch the ground
  • Reach in front of you and stand up using the momentum as if you were doing a narrow stands squat

Forward Roll

  • Start in a support position
  • Press hips up as you start initiating a dip
  • As you reach the bottom of the dip your hips should be higher the your shoulders
  • With arms bent focus on addressing the false grip and keeping the rings close to your chest
  • Allow the head to roll under the rings and hips
  • As hips start coming down fight to maintain feet high and perform a strict muscle up back into the support position