Bridge Progressions Pt.1

In this first segment, we show you what a basic Bridge looks like with Zach the Intern. From there we'll spot some holes in the positions, and explain how we'll scale this movement to address these issues in the following segments.

Bridge Progressions Pt.2

In this segement, we'll use Zach the Intern again to show you how to scale the Bridge to get the back out of the hyper extension.  And you don't have access to stall bars, you can simply place your feet on the wall, on to a box, or even a stack of plates. 

Bridge Progressions Pt.3

In this segement, we'll show you how to use a friend to properly spot the Bridge and help the athlete get into the perfect shoulder position.

Bridge Progressions Pt.4

In this segment, we'll show you how to scale the Bridge for your wrists, using a partner or any equipment that you can grab on to. Even for those interns with short tendons!

Bridge Progressions Pt.5

In this segment, we put it all together to demo the scaled Bridge, with the feet up on the wall, to show you what you can do to progress and what you should look for in your shoulder position. The Bridge is not only a great flexibility piece, but the shoulder position and movements transfer directly to any overhead work that you often seen in all types of presses and Handstand Push Ups.

Bridge Progressions Pt.6

In this segement, we have Zach the Intern showing you how to scale the Bridge by starting from a seated position and ending up in a standing position. Because you're not inverted in this scaled version, this will help you really focus on good shoulder positions for skill transfer to your presses, while comfortably scaling your global extension without hyper-extending your back.

Bridge Up

  • Lie flat on your back
  • Bend arms and put them on the ground by your ears, with forearm vertical to the floor
  • Bend knees and bring your feet in, placing feet flat on the ground
  • Press through shoulders and drive through hips to to raise your body off the floor
  • Reach full extension in the hips with legs straight as you push your head through your arms
  • Finish the bridge up with arms vertical to the floor and the rest of the body in full extension

Note: You can scale this exercise by placing feet flat on a higher surface (step, box, wall) and/or have a partner stand by your hands to spot your shoulders on the press up.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 3 Workout - Pt.4

Here we are once again to break down this week's CrossFit Games Workout 3 with some gymnastics application. In this segment, Carl demonstrates some upper body warm-up drills to open up your shoulders to get ready for that overhead position, while also working on your front rack position to get the press solid.

CrossFit Games Breakdown - Week 5 Workout - Pt.2

We're coming close to the end of the CrossFit Games open, so here's the Workout 5 breakdown for that extra boost.  In this video Carl goes over warm-up drills and things to focus on to get your shoulders prepped and ready to receive the bar legit for the many, many cleans.

Flexibility and Stretching Primer

In this video, Coach Carl discusses flexibility and stretching from a gymnastics perspective and how it applies to movements in the training room and CrossFit.  Carl illustrates the stretches for the prime movers, shoulders and hips, and why it's necessary develop flexibility to get into these ideal shapes.  Stretching and flexibility work will not only improve your positions, but it could also help diangose and identify mobility issues for you to work on.