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Many LED curtain designers should establish the concept of sustainable use, based on the functional requirements of the project with the right LED curtain, through design to maximize reflect the product's advanced nature and to achieve full integration of art and technology, do not let the landscape works of a product means the show.

In recent years, China's major cities outdoor landscape lighting has been increasingly applied LED curtains, such as municipal lighting beautification projects, scenic lighting engineering, restaurants, hotels, residential areas and major architectural lighting projects, have led display to replace the traditional neon.

The construction process, the signal lines, power lines and other facilities must be in strict accordance with the provisions laid to ensure post-normal, safe to use. LED curtain no "King Kong is not bad", it will be because of the color temperature, water, heat problem unstable performance situation. Therefore, if used improperly, it will also appear light fades, the consumer? should make this clear.

Although the domestic landscape lighting industry, LED products developed rapidly, but the combination of domestic and foreign trade development over the years, the country large-scale application of such lighting facilities still take time, there are some problems in the application stage. Currently domestic LED production enterprises mixed fish heads, such products clearly no uniform model division, mostly manufacturers set their own or needs to be customized according to the project, which resulted in a lot of inconvenience for the late replacement. In particular, some products work rough, seriously affecting life.


LED curtain includes different types of high-wattage, tile and another small number of different project requirements are also different light color, which are an important element of the design decisions and, ultimately, the content landscape effect. Designers should 'system because of the need should' set reasonable.

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