Rope Climb with Spanish Wrap

  • Stand with rope hanging in between your legs
  • Reach overhead and grab the rope as high as possible, with one hand above the other
  • Raise the knee of your dominant leg to hip height outside of the rope
  • Swing your dominant foot in a circle towards your midline and kick out to fully extend that leg, this should wrap the rope around your leg and ankle
  • While holding the wrapped leg up flexed only at the hip, lift the other foot off the ground and step on the rope that is over your wrapped ankle
  • If you had kept your hips away from the rope during the wrap you should feel the wrap tighten as you hang, allowing you to stand on it securely
  • As you stand up, pull the rope in towards your body from overhead to your chest
  • This is your chance to reach up as high as possible, one hand after another
  • Separate your feet and bring your legs up to your thighs, this will allow the rope to slack and slide around the wrapped leg
  • Repeat front kick and step to reset wrap, stand, and pull again