Kipping Handstand Push Up Progression Pt.2


In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the progressions for the Kipping Handstand Push Up, one of the most popular movements.  While it may be an impressive feat of strength to do a strict Handstand Push Up, athletes will often train with Kipping Handstand Push Up as an assistance to scale the HSPU, to practice more volume, or to work on specific skill and motor control drills. Coach Carl discusses this movement from a position, strength, skill, and balance perspective to ensure you are executing this movement for quality.

In this video, Coach Carl continues with the same progression against the wall. Coach Carl starts by executing the same drill with chest against the wall from a distance of a body length, then progressively shortening the distance to the wall and increasing the angle of the HSPU until he is fully vertical.  Next, Coach Carl flips around to execute the movement with back against the wall.  It's important to focus on the setup of the back position, loading the hips for the kip, and making the kick deliberate and aiming to finish in a strong overhead position.  Push the head through the arms and look at the ceiling, not the floor, as you would with an overhead press and you'll find your body finishing stronger and balancing straighter.