Kipping Handstand Push Up Progression Pt.1


In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the progressions for the Kipping Handstand Push Up, one of the most popular movements.  While it may be an impressive feat of strength to do a strict Handstand Push Up, athletes will often train with Kipping Handstsand Push Up as an assistance to scale the HSPU, to practice more volume, or to work on specific skill and motor control drills. Coach Carl discusses this movement from a position, strength, skill, and balance perspective to ensure you are executing this movement for quality.

In this first video, Coach Carl explains all the major components of the HSPU with out getting inverted. First, Carl demonstrates how to set up and establish a strong base for the HSPU.  From there, Carl talks about how to engage the back to separate the knees from the elbows while in a headstand and load up the hips for a strong kip.  The kip then is an explosive extension of the hips, executed at the same time as you push up through the shoulders.  This movement pattern of a Headstand Kip to Push Up position is the same as a Headstand Kip to Handstand, and in the next video we will talk more about taking the movement to inversion.