Events and Seminar Bookings

Thank you for your interest! If you would like to book Coach Carl Paoli for a seminar, workshop, or event, please submit a booking request. For all other inquiries, send us an email.

For Freestyle Connection movement seminars, please read the details below for more information about the booking process and request a seminar at your gym by completing this form.

Coach Carl talks about the motivation, purpose, and format of the Freestyle Connection Movement Seminar for CrossFit

The most popular athletic seminar Coach Carl offers is "Freestyle Connection".  This seminar is a full day, 8-hour session for CrossFit trainers and athletes that focuses on improving body movements by applying concepts from gymnastics skill, strength, flexibility, and metabolic conditioning to your training program. Carl began the Freestyle Connection seminar series in late 2010 and have since coached hundreds of athletes at CrossFit gyms around the world.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests for Carl's Freestyle Connection seminars for CrossFit, we have a process and requirements to selected the facilities which hosts Carl's seminars.  We are trying to make this as simple and transparent as possible in order to serve the many trainers and athletes world-wide, and we will work closely with all of the facilities interested in hosting Carl throughout this process to try to make it happen. The outline of the selection process is as follows.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. To request a Freestyle Connection seminar for your location, please continue to complete this form and we will contact you shortly to get set up. Thanks again!