CrossFit Games Breakdown 13.5


We're in Week 5 of the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, so let's prep for 13.5 with some essential warm-up movements and review some efficiency tips.For both new an experienced CrossFitters, we all have had our experiences with Fran and know what that's all about with the volume and pull up efficiency. In this workout there's also the added bonus of chest-to-bar pull ups, so Coach Carl will take a moment to talk about key cues and tips to make sure that every rep you do counts.  For the newer athletes who are looking for their first chest-to-bar pull up, there are important positions to keep in mind for your head and elbows at the end of your pull to be successful.  Carl also talks about kipping variations, including a knee-drive/tuck up like a kipping dip that might help you get in a single or few.Good luck with this last workout and we hope you enjoyed the Open!