About Gymnastics WOD

Gymnastics WOD

Human bodies were designed to move freely in space in the most effective and efficient manner. As athletes, gymnasts are known to execute the most optimal movements through impeccable control of strength, balance, and power.

The Gymnastics WOD (Workout-of-the-Day) was specifically designed by the team at Naka Athletics to build a stronger gymnastics foundation for athletes at all levels and of all ages. It doesn't matter if you are a former gymnast, an elite fitness enthusiasts, a CrossFit-er, or a regular-joe or -jane, we will get you moving better, faster, and stronger through the fun and dynamic workouts!

About Carl Paoli

Carl PaoliBorn in the U.S. to Swedish parents and growing up in Spain, Carl Paoli learned from an early age how to connect to and be conscious of others. Carl's childhood passion and enthusiasm for physical activity lead him to explore many different sports such as snow boarding, skiing, wake boarding, water skiing, karate, among others. It was his love for gymnastics, however, that would greatly shape his definition of hard work and determination.

Carl soon rose to become an elite gymnast in Spain where he trained and competed for over fifteen years. Throughout his gymnastics career he received many accolades, including a National Gold Medal for Vault. Carl studied Environmental Science at Universidad Miguel Hernandez and specialized in Genetic Engineering and Coral Reef Ecology. After university, Carl returned to the U.S. to pursue his career in marine biology.

Carl's mind was never far from his appreciation for sport and fitness, and he reentered the world of gymnastics in 2004 in San Francisco. He now works as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and runs his own practice called Naka Athletics, which specializes in all level physical preparation and representation of action sports athletes.  Carl is currently also a Crossfit certified Level 2 Trainer and loves working with his team at San Francisco CrossFit.

About Naka Athletics

fueled by NakaNaka Athletics is a program dedicated to all action sports athletes across all skill levels—from professional athletes to beginners trying to learn a new sport.

Naka offers a challenging and exciting training program, with a fundamental focus on nutrition, strength and conditioning, physical therapy, and trampoline/freestyle work as we believe these elements will build the foundation for success in any athlete. Naka provides athletes with the tools and techniques necessary to accomplish their goals, and is dedicated in providing athletes solutions to any given problem or situation.

Naka provides athletes with an athletic platform to build a career or to take their passion to the ultimate level of performance.

Gymnastics WOD